Dongle Server/MyUTN-800

It is a system that allows you to plug in and play USB devices regardless of network type, type and traffic. There is no condition for using the myUTN-800 Dongle server on the network. If the network to be used is wireless or fiber, the density is not an obstacle for the use of myUTN-800. It can be immediately integrated into the network and ready for use in an easy way. 20 USB devices can be connected to myUTN-800 Dongle Server. With myUTN-800, you can share your USB devices as you wish, and you can use existing software with your authorized users. (Such as CAD / CAM applications) USB devices must be protected against being stolen, copied, or damaged. With many security features such as SSL / TLS encryption, access protection, the myUTN-800 USB Dongle Server is delivered to you in a complete security package. Your departments, your customers, etc. you can assign different users to different USB devices.

Dongle Server/MyUTN-80

It is a system that allows you to plug in and play USB devices regardless of network type, type and traffic. There is no condition for using the myUTN-800 Dongle server on the network.

/ Video Conferencing Systems

- Customize and integrate features to your own unique workflow.
- Search, meeting and team collaboration bring people together like never before.
- End-to-end data encryption and protection keep your work safe.
- Work seamlessly with the Webex platform, where teams can meet, create and share.

/ Network Products



Access Point

Secure Printer Usage System/SEH

Today, designing Information Security as a whole requires printers to have pre-press control and follow-up pressures. In this case, it is important that you print securely. Have you implemented the Secure Printer Usage System? If you have not, the only lack of user-friendly authentication equipment is the Secure Printer Usage System. You do not have to make high-cost investments for your printer security. GMP Computer 's solution is a Secure Printer Usage System that can integrate your computer network easily and quickly. The Secure Printer Usage System is integrated in the network regardless of the brand and model of the printers in the network, preventing unauthorized users from printing. Since GYKS is connected between your printer and the network, users can authenticate by displaying the card to get printout from the printer. This provides maximum security and productivity for your printer. Authentication was done with different cards based on MIFARE standard RFID.

Your Hand is Your ID../ Palm Secure Handheld Reader

Developed by Fujitsu, the PalmSecure sensor is a biometric verification solution that provides optimum security. PalmSecure detects the structure of the veins in the palm of a human hand with the highest precision. The sensor sends a near-infrared beam towards the palm of the hand. These vessel shapes are recorded by the sensor and stored in a database or encrypted on a smart card. It detects hand vein system without contact. Since the perceived biometric information is contained within the body and the vessel shapes are extremely complex, it is not possible to manipulate or circumvent the system using existing information. PalmSecure technology is designed to detect vascular structures of living people only. The fact that scanning is extremely fast and that any contact is required means that PalmSecure technology is generally compatible with the strictest hygiene rules in the public domain.

/ Tactical Video Conference

Designed for use in harsh environments, the highly effective plastic shell impact provides the structural strength of the most extruded aluminum interior frame. The 17.5-inch screen is fully readable in sunlight, and the high-definition (HD) 1080p, 16 x 9 aspect ratio camera delivers a quality view of the space user and environment. The unit is based on the Cisco TelePresence System SX20 Quick Adjust codec (SX20) and supports H.323 and supports up to 6 Mb / s dual streaming protocol (SIP). You can also set up a mobile phone conference room scenario with an external microphone, camera and monitor. The SX20 codec supports embedded capability for multipoint support with Cisco TelePresence MultiSite technology, so you can add three more participants to a TelePresence call.

/ Video Wall

Video wall displays with deeper visual impact and thinner frame width of 1.7 mm.

- Extremely narrow frame (1.7mm) almost seamless for a life-like viewing experience.
- Excellent color accuracy and gloss level thanks to precise calibration and panel technology.
- Daisy Chain feature using DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI port, eliminating the need for a video card.
- Highly reliable displays designed for 24/7 operation with dedicated, user-friendly wall mounting.


We provide the supply of desktop, laptop and data center products for the Lenovo brand.

/ projections

Hitachi's new generation projections meet the diverse needs of business and educators. With the Hitachi original technology on select models, it offers unparalleled image clarity for ease of installation and even portability. The new models feature Full HD, white, black projectors and a HDBaseT digital connection.

/ Printers and Scanners

Fast Office Printer

Designed for high volume jobs, the environmentally friendly multifunction enterprise printer delivers excellent print quality at high speeds up to 75 ipm.

Fast Small Working Group

Reduce your printing costs and your impact on the environment while increasing your productivity with less intervention and enhanced security.

Professional Inkjet Printer

Cost-effective printers that save space for professional-quality printing with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and fast duplex printing.

44" Dye Sublimation Printer

High quality, print speed and long service life. Vivid color and sharp lines. High capacity inks and low power consumption.

/ Detex Voltage Detector

Megger Detex High Voltage Detector

- Frequency Value: 50 Hz
- Isolation Voltage Value: 3-36 kV
- Input Resistance Value : 20 kohm
- Connection Time: 30 sn.
- Test Voltage: 75 Kv