Monitor all system devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure.

PRTG, scan network sections by pinging defined IP ranges. In this way, PRTG will automatically recognize a wide range of devices and systems and generate sensors from predefined devices and templates.

With PRTG Maps you can create up-to-date tracking of your desired design. You can create public maps with your tracking data. Browse as you need your network.

You can monitor, report and alert cloud environments, including WhatsUp Gold, Amazon Web Services, and Azure servers, as well as the status and performance of each metric that your services collect through its native API. This not only allows you to monitor the use of cloud resources, but also allows you to monitor cloud billing and display it in a simple control panel. Use WhatsUp Gold to track long-term trends.

/ Printer Logging Software

GMP is a software solution for computer, printer and information security. If desired, the documents taken can be recorded in the area designated by the system administrator. It keeps track of who, when, from which printer, how many copies, how many pages are printed.Supports network printers, printers connected directly to the USB and LPT port. You can send alarms to your system administrators via email. 100 kinds of reports can be made. 30% -40% saving paper and toner.


WAF- Web Application Firewall 7. examines layer traffic, generates, rejects or allows an alarm.
Protects web applications from specific vulnerabilities that IDS / IPS / FW has not seen.

- Distributed Denial of Service.
- It not only increases the speed of your site but also protects your site from intense attacks from outside.
- IPv6 and IPv4 over the same and / or different data centers balances load.
- Competent DNS service with our Anycast infrastructure

Why WAF?

- National and domestic software developed on open source solutions.
- DNS Redirection works by redirecting website traffic over the network using.
- Analyze web application attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting after traffic is sent through the system.
- Harmful traffic is not sent to the website by blocking it.
- Accelerated by the content distribution network (CDN), allowing web pages to load faster.
- It displays security events in real time and allows administrators to examine attack alerts in detail.
- Turkish interface is used.
- Statistics and detailed reporting-Detailed logging.
- Customizable screens and graphics.
- Warning by e-mail and SMS in the conditions to be determined.
- SIEM integration.

Acronis Backup
Acronis Backup keeps your business operations running, ensuring that your data is always available. It is an important software to proactively protect data against rensomware attacks, and with immediate recoveries, to meet the shortest RTO, operational disruptions, loss of productivity, and to avoid costly downtime caused by infections and rescue efforts.

Why Acronis Backup?
Businesses may be at risk of losing important data. The lost data leads to costly downtime, customer satisfaction, legal penalties and lost incomes. As a result, IT professionals must meet extremely high expectations.
Acronis Backup provides data protection that meets today's demands. Keeps your work running, maintains any workload, scales unlimited and saves you money.


Event Monitor

LogCollector is a software solution designed to effectively monitor and manage an IT network infrastructure. In addition to the detection and prevention of internal threats, reducing IT costs significantly contributes to increasing corporate work efficiency.

Active Directory Monitor

"LogCollector Active Directory Monitor", is a software solution that allows users to track, record, and analyze changes in Microsoft Windows Active Directory servers in real time. By doing so, you control the changes made to the Domain server (DC) to create a detection environment outside of your control.

Print Monitor

"LogCollector File Monitor", is a software solution that monitors, records and analyzes changes made by users on Microsoft file servers. "LogCollector File Monitor", Thanks to timely reports and alarm mechanism, it allows you to be informed instantly and develop proactive solutions.

File Monitor

"LogCollector Print Monitor", It is a software solution that monitors, records and analyzes users' printing activities in real-time on Microsoft Windows print servers. This allows you to create an environment in which you can record which file, when, how many pages / copies it prints, and when necessary it can be analyzed, thereby increasing your corporate security and reducing costs.

Log Store

"LogCollector LogStore" technology provides real-time monitoring and monitoring of your systems' security and survival. LogStore collects, consolidates, and analyzes log records from various sources, such as network devices, firewall, unauthorized access detection and blocking systems, operating systems, application and hardware changes, network traffic.

Veeam Backup & Replication
New Veeam Backup & Replication helps you achieve Hyper-Accessibility for all your virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads. Single consoles can backup, recover and replicate all your applications and data quickly, flexibly and reliably.

Veeam delivers Hyper-Accessibility for all applications and data in any cloud, reducing complexity and outperforming traditional backup. Veeam allows you to adhere to your SLAs for low recovery time and point targets for all applications and data.

Save faster by moving faster with more powerful backup and recovery

- Manage virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads from a single console

- Fast, item-level recovery and e-discovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory

- Process-level restore for Oracle databases and SQL Server databases

- Reducing RPOs and backing up 50 times faster with Storage Snapshots for world's leading storage providers

- Disaster recovery and uninterrupted business continuity with one-click site failover and retry features

- Fully integrated, cloud-based disaster recovery and fast secure backup to the cloud via Veeam Cloud Connect via service provider

- Automatic recoverability test available for every backup and replica

- With built-in Wan acceleration, backups and replicas move up to 50 times faster than workplace compared to standard file copying

- Unlimited Scale-Out Backup Repository, Direct Storage Access and built-in data deduplication / compression features.

vmware vSphere
vSphere, an efficient and secure platform for your hybrid cloud vSphere provides a powerful, flexible and secure foundation for hybrid cloud and business agility that accelerates success in the digital economy. Hybrid helps you run, manage, connect, and secure your applications across a cloud across a common operating environment. With vSphere, you can support new workloads and use situations while keeping up with the growing needs and complexity of your infrastructure.

vmware vCenter Server
vmware vCenter Server provides a central platform for managing your vmware vSphere environments. Hybrid allows you to build and deliver a virtual infrastructure safely through the cloud.
What does vCenter Server do?
- Simple Distribution
- Proactive Optimization
- Central Control and Visibility
- Governance
- Extensibility