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Data Center Solutions

Any business needs a data center for any data it generates or uses. There is a need for a ekomünikasyon Data Center ları at various levels, including government agencies, educational institutions, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, health institutions, retailers of all sizes, online marketers offering information and social networking services such as Google and Facebook. As GMP bİLGİSAYAR, we provide support for this requirement either wholly or materially.

✧ Architectural, electrical and mechanical concept design
✧ Projecting
✧ Design
✧ Setup

✧ Network Infrastructure
✧ Energy Infrastructure
✧ Raised floor system and cable trays

✧ Environmental monitoring systems
✧ Physical security planning
✧ Air conditioning systems
✧ Fire detection and extinguishing systems

✧ System room status reporting
✧ External environmental conditions
✧ Indoor environmental conditions
✧ Measures against natural disasters
✧ Staff education